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Types of Bet

Betting is a major part of the fun and enjoyment of a day at the races. If you haven’t bet on a race before or you only have the occasional flutter, it can all look a little confusing, so here are a few useful phrases that might help. 

Gambling is entertaining but can become risky, please consider reading the information provided at https://www.begambleaware.org/ before placing a bet or if you have concerns about gambling. 

Common Types of Bets Description
Win A bet that produces a return only if the selection comes first in an event (i.e. wins). A win bet may be placed on a   single   event.
Place A bet that produces a return only if the selection finishes first or within a predetermined number of positions (places) of the winner of an event. The return is often based on a fixed proportion of the win odds of the selection.
Each-Way A combination of   win   and   place   bets of equal size. An each-way bet is essentially two bets on the same horse. One of them to come first and another bet for them to place, therefore the stake is double a win bet. A £2 each way bet would then be a total of £4.
Double A bet on two selections; both of which must win to gain a return.
Treble A bet on three selections; all three of which must win to gain a return.
Accumulator A bet on four or more selections; all of which must win to gain a return. Accumulators are often named after the number of selections they contain - thus we can get a fourfold, fivefold or sixfold accumulator (or even higher). The chances of winning are very low - but if you do, you can win a fortune!
Placepot You pick horses to be placed in each of the first six races (or to win any race with fewer than five runners).
Reverse Forecast First and second in either order.