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Staking Plan

Investment Strategy Category - Staking Plan:

What is the best Investment Strategy ? 

Here is our suggested investment plan: 

What Starting Bank is required?

Only bet with an amount of money you can afford to bet with. We recommend that you have a starting bank of 200pts.

Gambling is entertaining but can become risky, please consider reading the information provided at https://www.begambleaware.org/ before placing a bet or if you have concerns about gambling.

What staking plan shall I follow?

1.Start with 200 points bank

2.Divide the bank into 20 equal stakes of 10 points each

3.Maintain the equal stakes and do not reduce when starting bank is reduced

4.Calculate the new staking plan before starting of each racing day. If the starting bank is below 200 points continue the same stake as previous 10 points. When the starting bank increases above previous starting bank, re-divide the new bank into 20 equal stake. 

What are your thoughts and suggestions on the best staking plan ?


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