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What Starting Bank is required ?

Only bet with an amount of money you can afford to bet with.

Gambling is entertaining but can become risky, please consider reading the information provided at https://www.begambleaware.org/ before placing a bet or if you have concerns about gambling.

We recommend that you have a starting bank of 300 points.

A staking plan is a method of controlling how much each bet should be.

A good staking plan ensures that the possibility of going bust is kept to a minimum.

1. Start with 300 points bank at the beginning of each week. Irrespective of the investment outcome of the previous week. 

2. Divide the bank into 15 equal stakes of 20 points each.

3. Maintain an equal stake and do not reduce when starting bank is reduced.

4. Calculate the new staking plan before the start of each racing day. If the starting bank is below 300 points continue using the same stake as previous points. Whenever the bank is above the previous highest bank re-divide the new bank into 15 equal stakes. 

5. During the racing week, whenever the starting bank is above 500 points (profit is equal or above 200 points), keep the winnings and restart your bank with 300 points of 15 equal stakes again. 

6. On the first day of the new racing week, keep the winnings of the previous week and restart your bank with 300 points of 15 equal stakes again.

When are the Ratings and Selections Published?

Ratings and Selections are published online between 8.30am and 9:30am.

Which membership package do you recommend?

We encourage our members to subscribe for our Diamond membership package for maximum savings, However, the most popular membership subscription is the 3 months Gold Membership option.

How quickly can I get started with my membership?

As soon as you sign-up you will receive a confirmation email including your Tip7 login details, enabling you to get started instantly.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you are unhappy with the service you can cancel your subscription at any time.