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About Tip7 

Who are we?

Tip7.com is a dedicated horse racing team with a strong passion for horse racing analysis, ratings and the scientific approach to winner selections.

Our unique ratings and selection system has been developed and refined over the past 34 years.

We are glad to share our insights and expert advice with all our members who share the same passion for racing and winning.

Selecting the Best

To provide the best possible advice, we carry out a thorough analysis of all races to qualify and select the most suitable races that represent good value for our members.

Every runner in the qualified races is subjected to in-depth analysis to establish the Power, Rating and Score for each runner. Only the top 5 runners of each qualified race are published on our website.

Tip7 Unique Power

Our Tip7 Power is the factor that distinguishes us from all other racing systems in the market today. This unique way of evaluating the chances of runners including first time out runners is a combination of all those important external factors with direct impact on the runners’ performance. (e.g. the breeding, the sire, the dam, the stable, trainer, jockey etc.)

The Tip7 Power values are derived from our extensive research and experience of thousands of flat and national hunt races.

Tip7 Unique Ratings

Our Tip7 Ratings follow many of the traditional approaches used to assess the chances of runners in the race. There are many factors we consider, primary among those are: the past performance, course and distance, past and current form, age, weight, fitness, going, speed.

Tip7 Unique Scores

Our Tip7 Scores are the combination of both the Power and Rating values.

The scores are good representations of the best of both the power and rating factors. Therefore, they are the ones we consider when we pick our three top daily selections.

Tip7 Selections

Our Tip7 Selections are restricted to a maximum of 3-4 selections per day. These are the most competitive runners that earned the highest Total of the day.